Air-driven High-speed Handpieces

Ti-Max Z900L
The most powerful air-driven handpiece ever with 26W of power.

Ti-Max Z800L
With 23W, it's more powerful than most standard head handpieces on the market.

You'll experience a level of smoothness, consistency and comfort not available until now – and shorter treatment times.

Advantages include:
  • New 94º angle head, slimmer neck and Duragrip® surface makes grip easy – even when wet
  • New bearing design and clean head system offer more durability and is guaranteed with a 30-month warranty
  • Hassle-free cartridge can be replaced chairside to minimize downtime and repair costs
  • Six available backend types to fit competitor’s couplers


New handpiece maintenance system that automatically cleans and lubricates up to 4 handpieces at once.

The proper solution volume is preset based on high and low speed handpiece type, ensuring precise and thorough lubrication at the touch of a button. A chuck cleaning function removes dirt and cutting powder from the chuck. Purging select mode ensures complete removal of excess oil. Uses liquid oil in an integrated tank that holds up to 1.2 liters and provides up to 2,800 cycles before refilling is needed.

Other advantages include:
  • 4 handpiece capacity
  • Ports for low speed and electric handpieces rotate during the process to provide more thorough cleaning and lubricating oil coverage than most competitors
  • Updated design with air filter built inside the unit (allows user to place iCare flush against a wall)
  • Chuck cleaning function (use included chuck cleaning nozzle)
  • Alarm LED to ensure safe function and alert user to issues, including low oil volume or unlocked door
  • New, specially formulated iCare maintenance oil (not for use with Care3 Plus!)
  • Mist filter covers are now available. These handpiece head covers absorb mist generated during the lubrication and air purge process
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 13.8” H x 11.0” W x 9.5” D (350mm H x 280mm W x 240mm D)
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)

Choose from two models:
iCare C2 Type (Y1002796)
Dual Standard Ports & Dual Rotation Ports ... $2,699
iCare C3 Type (Y1002797)
Single Standard Port & Triple Rotation Ports ... $2,699
Pricing is U.S. MSRP

Ti-Max X450

The most powerful 45º handpiece available – up to 21W.

The Ti-Max X450 combines 21W of power with the unsurpassed access and visibility of our 45º design. It’s an unheard of blend of power and visibility for the ultimate in efficiency.
  • Three water port spray for better cooling
  • Exhaust air exits from rear of handpiece to prevent air embolism
  • Durability is ensured with a 2-year warranty
  • Eight available types to fit competitor’s couplers, as well as 4-hole and 5-hole fixed back versions that can be attached directly to any office’s tubing

Electric High-speed Handpieces

Ti-Max Z95L

The most durable of the high-performance electric attachments on the market.

You’ll find a Ti-Max Z95L to be the ideal high-speed dental handpiece for everyday use, including those indications where power and reliability are key. Other top features include:
  • Crafted from solid titanium, so it's lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Amazingly silent with virtually no vibration – lending superior comfort to operator and patient
  • NSK’s patented Clean Head technology
  • Smallest head and slimmest neck* give you better visibility and posterior access

*Global handpiece market as of 11/2011

Ti-Max Z45L

The world’s first 45° electric handpiece.

You’ve wondered if a 45° electric handpiece would ever be possible ... NSK made it happen! Now you can have an awesome 45° angled head for effortless access to molars AND the speed, power and torque to quickly section a tooth. Plus other top features including:
  • Quiet operation and virtually no vibration for patient comfort
  • The world’s first 2-way spray function – jet spray or mist – for a wide range of procedures
  • NSK’s patented Clean Head technology
  • Lightweight, durable solid titanium body

Other Featured Products

S-Max pico

The world’s smallest head.*

The S-Max pico dental handpiece gives you easier access for hard-to-reach molars, pediatric cases or any situation where access is difficult. Plus, enjoy other innovative features including:
  • Super-slender styling for better visibility and greater comfort
  • Cellular glass optics
  • Patented Clean Head technology for enhanced infection control
  • A cartridge you can simply replace yourself

iProphy Air

Why hygienists love this handpiece.

The easy-to-grasp iProphy Air is 15% lighter and 10% shorter than competitive handpieces. For you, that means minimized hand fatigue. Plus, you’ll enjoy other features to make your day easier, including:
  • 360º swivel for excellent maneuverability during polishing
  • Whisper quiet/reduced vibration enhances comfort
  • Easier cleaning and sterilization with a unique 2-part design that lets you remove and sterilize just the nosecone

Surgic Pro

For optimal results in implant and oral surgery.

The Surgic Pro is the lightest and smallest micromotor system, yet offers the highest torque available. This compact, fully integrated system incorporates the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC), which helps guarantee accurate speed and torque control.

Other advantages include:
  • Maximum safety through a wide range of speed and torque settings
  • High torque accuracy
  • Brighter LED illumination (over 32,000 LUX) provides clearer vision for greater precision
  • All necessary functions for oral surgery procedures and implantology
  • Autoclavable and thermodisinfectable
  • Maintenance-free, brushless design
  • Can be used with any implant system brand